James is a freelance writer and photo-journalist contributing to a wide variety of magazines in Australasia, Europe, Asia, the USA and the UK. He was a weekly columnist for The Spectator Australia for a period of three years. He still contributes to this the oldest continuously published magazine in the English language. He specialises in writing about classic cars and boats of all types but he also writes on a variety of other topics including fashion, architecture, design, travel and sport and his work is seen regularly, amongst others, in the following titles.

Volante (United Arab Emirates)

The Spectator (Australia)

Invictus (USA)

Octane (United Kingdom)

ArteNavale (Italy)

Unique Luxury (Australia)

MotorSport (United Kingdom)

MotorBoat & Yachting (United Kingdom)

mags-motorMotor (Australia)
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mags-rewindRewind (Singapore)
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mags-classicboatClassic Boat (United Kingdom)
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mags-perspectivePerspective (Hong Kong)
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mags-jetgalaJetGala (Indonesia)

mags-v-raceVintage Race Car (USA)

mags-VivaRivaVivaRiva (Italy)

Trade-a-Boat (Australia)
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mags-pattayaPattaya Mail (Thailand)
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