James is a freelance writer and photo-journalist contributing to a wide variety of magazines in Australasia, Europe, Asia, the USA and the UK. He was a weekly columnist for The Spectator Australia for a period of three years. He specialises in writing about classic cars and boats of all types but he also writes on a variety of other topics including fashion, architecture, design, travel and sport and his work is seen regularly in the following titles:- Octane; Robb Report; Motorsport; Rewind; Jetgala; Signature Luxury & Travel; Perspective; PreWarCar.com; PostwarClassic.com; Survivor Car; Motor; NZ Classic Car; VivaRiva; Leaded; The Brass Bell; Ocean; Sails; Classic Boat; MotorBoat & Yachting; Vintage Race Car; ArteNavale.

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